At Braid.Work we know the latest trends, techniques, and technologies your business will need to find new customers and engage your existing fan base.  From social media marketing to guerilla-style networking tactics, we can create the right campaign to fit your company's needs. Through the use of word of mouth, Search Engine Optimization and other eye catching techniques, you are going to get the attention of your ideal client. In addition, we can create the campaign and set you free, or we can maintain it for you. The choice is yours!


By weaving your show-stopping graphic identity into clever social media campaigns, print marketing, email blasts and traffic funnels, your business will see an increase in website traffic and sales for your products or services.


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Simply having a website does not mean that your company is going to be found on your most beloved search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.) Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the way that a search engine locates your website out of the trillions of sites on the web. These search engines look for keywords, locations, and trends to help your customers find you. 


Braid.Work knows all of the tips and tricks to make your website be found by your customers and get your website featured in the top search results.


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One way that a person can benefit the effectiveness of their Search Engine Optimization is by increasing their reach. This can be done by utilizing social media and visual search engines like Google Images or Pinterest. 


Pinterest is a great way to drive online traffic to your website. For us, this is a space that we have dedicated to gathering inspiration, as well as providing an extra avenue to advertise our business. We can create something like this for your business too!


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